Child Welfare Programme

Provide Computer Knowledge and Using Smartphone

In this projects our team provide full of knowledge about computer use of computer in 21st Centuary and using smartphone , android, ios etc. Importance of smartphone in these days

Stop Child Labour

India is home to close to 13 million children child labourers under 14 (Census 2001). Our aim is to make child labour socially and culturally unacceptable.
We work with state authorities & civil society organisations to free children engaged in labour and working to withdraw 50,000 child domestic workers from domestic help. We have been instrumental in the creation of a national child protection system.

Currently we are working across 2000 villages in 9 states of India to remove children from exploitative working conditions and rehabilitate them and support their education. Along with our action to remove children from exploitative working situations, we mobilize public opinion and demand policy and legislative action to abolish child labour in all its forms.

Stop Child Trafficking

There is a close link between child labour and child trafficking. However, so far almost all anti trafficking work is largely limited to child trafficking for commercial sex exploitation. However our experience and evidence from the field suggests that a large number of children are being trafficked for labour. The incidence of child trafficking for labour is hugely under reported. We define trafficking on line of Palermo Protocol.
Our approach to combat trafficking is based on the 3Ps strategy: Prevention, Protection and Prosecution. We work both in source and demand areas with a community based approach.

Free Food and Education Material for Poor Children

This project will help to provide basic needs to children go for school without any interruption. We provide books, school uniforms, note books, travel charges and health care. Hence every one able to go for school.

Provide Sports Materials for Poor Children

Good Sports gives all kids the lifelong benefits of sport and physical activity by providing new equipment, apparel and footwear to those most in need.

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