Enviromental Protection & Awareness

Enviromental Protection & Awareness

We aim to play a significant role in providing Public Education and formulating National Policies on Environmental Education, Environmental Care, Bio-diversity, Natural Resource Conservation, Herbal Gardens, Water Conservation, Water Harvesting, Solid Waste Management and provide training to the people in the field of Environment.
Environment is something we are very familiar with. It’s everything that makes up our surroundings and affects our ability to live on the earth – the air we breathe the water that covers most of the earth’s surface, the plants and animals around us, and much more.
In recent years, scientists have been carefully examining the ways that people affect the environment. They have found that we are causing air pollution, deforestation, acid rain, and other problems that are dangerous both to the earth and to ourselves. These days, when you hear people talk about the environment, they are often referring to the overall condition of our planet, or how healthy it is.
Tomorrow as you wake up please have a look outside your window? A look outside your window would speak volumes about the environmental conditions today. What you would see will be grey skyline, dust laden leaves of the trees and dust all around. In short we would call it POLLUTION!!! Everyday you see and experience pollution, mountains of garbage dumped nearby and of course, trees and plants losing their freshness and lushness constantly. Have you ever thought what would our Planet Earth be if things would continue in the same way? Have you ever noticed that our very own little sparrows are hard to find today and so is their lively chirping. Nowadays, children suffer from diseases like asthma and body aches. We think that a stressful life and lack of fresh air are responsible for this. Its time to pause and put on our thinking caps. Why is it all happening? Is this what we dreamt for our children or for ourselves?
Today, our kids listen to everything we say, but there would come a day when they would question, Why did you do that to us?, Why did you not protect the nature and environment? Just think what our answer would be? In all probability we would be rendered speechless as we would have no answer for our actions.
It is often quoted that we have not inherited the earth from our forefathers but borrowed it from our children. Hence there is an urgent need to realise that it has to be handled with care and compassion. To achieve this, society has to be sensitized on the issue of environmental conservation and preservation.

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